We solve problems and help prevent them occurring in the future

To make decisions and take risks in business, you need the right information – including on legal issues. Pact lawyers are your experts. We deliver high quality, high value advice and decipher complex issues quickly. So we can advise and litigate fast, effectively and efficiently.

Legal problems need a solution, nothing more, nothing less. Our targeted approach means we ensure your issue is resolved quickly.

We help you prevent legal action and guide you through complex matters. Pact lawyers serves you diligently and efficiently, saving you time and money. Together with you we make the assessments and decisions required to solve the issue or settle the dispute. If proceedings cannot be avoided, we ensure optimal results.

We are honest about the likely outcome

Pact lawyers stands for transparency and no-nonsense. We tell you immediately in clear language what the chances and possibilities are. We help you understand the situation fast, so together we can come to a well-reasoned decision about the approach to be taken, whether it’s pursuing legal action or coming to a settlement.

How do we handle your matter?

We advise pragmatically and work together with you to ensure that your goals are achieved. We take into account three important aspects: strategy, cost efficiency and your objectives. We discuss the pros and cons of each option with you. We clarify the most practical solution and advise you about the consequences. Result? The best possible approach.

Explaining the costs

We charge for our services based on time spent. Clear and transparent. We agree on costing with you in advance. Fixed fee arrangements and flexible payment methods are also possible.

Our offices and working method are geared for efficiency. This enables us to offer you excellent value services at optimal prices. We do not charge you for office costs or immaterial activities.

In the event that we use external services – such as bailiffs, translators or experts in other fields – or costs for court proceedings are incurred, these costs are charged through to you. We always give you notice of these costs in advance, so you know exactly what to expect.


Consultation is essential. We believe in working together with you, to make the right assessments and decisions and ensure you achieve your goals.


Efficiency leads to savings. Our extensive experience and expertise puts us in a position to analyse complex situations quickly and save costs.

Tailored approach

We build long-term relationships with our clients, so personalised attention and a customised approach are very important to us.