Real Estate


Businesses in (commercial) real estate are often confronted with legal issues. Expert legal advice is essential, especially given the (financial) interests in real estate are often significant and the issues complex.

Pact lawyers is specialised in real estate law in the broadest meaning of the word. Our real estate law experts deal with (almost) all legal aspects of real estate and have many years of experience and expertise in this field.

We advise, litigate, draft contracts and manage negotiations. We do this for investors, project developers, managers, contractors and real estate agents. Our advantage is that we know the sector through and through, so we are always fully up to speed.

<a href="">Daniël van den Bergh</a>

Daniël van den Bergh

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<a href="">Lex Taytelbaum</a>

Lex Taytelbaum

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Maarten Klaassen

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